Corporate Designs

Here are a few samples of my design work. I have a college diploma in Graphic Design. I specialize in vector illustration and corporate identity, but I also can do business cards, stationary, invites, signs, billboards, ads, posters, brochures, books, technical drawings, instructional diagrams and photography manipulation.
*And I don't work for free, or $20. Even for kittens on tricycles.*


Project: Logo Design for a yoga studio, 2005
Client: Organic Bodies, Lori Mitchell, Sudbury, Ontario


Client:  "Cloud Cream", Jack Fisher, San Diego, 2013
Project: Logo Design Concepts for liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor.
Spec work, he went with an different design from mine.
No account for taste, even from a chef that was on the tv show, 'Iron Chef'.

Client: Petsave - Animal Rescue Charity, Sudbury Ontario 2010
A charity I volunteered my time too. I made them all sorts of things; news letter, newspaper ad, signage, posters, gala tickets, gift certificates, brochures, flyers, promotional material etc.

Photo: Jill Pessot, founder. My painting in the background.

Project: 'Buy a Brick' Fundraising Brochure
Project: Volunteering Info & Adoption Rates Brochure
Version 1
Version 2
Project: Monthly Donor Sign-up Brochure
Project: 2010 Walk-a-thon

sponsor brochure with map and signup sheet (reverse side)

The freebie t-shirt you got for raising money.

Project: Charity Christmas Ornaments, poster + the ornaments
point of purchase poster for donations...

Project: 6th Annual Charity Gala, 2010
poster with original vector illustrations (my favorite project)

Project: poster for a Charity Tea

Northern Ontario Paintball League
Client: Dodge This Paintball, Sudbury Ontario
2006, logo concepts

Misc. vector illustrations for t-shirts etc...
submitted t-shirt concept to Threadless