Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cloth Newborn Baby Doll Pattern

I made this baby doll using the following patterns ( I scaled them down 80% because the sock I used for the face was a bit on the small side). So this doll for me turned out to be small newborn or a larger preemie. With the head roughly the size of a softball. It is a more advanced doll making technique.

This is basically a hybrid Waldorf doll. Or more accurately a soft sculpted head on a sewn fabric body. For the head and face you start with stuffing a white sock. With a needle and thread you poke and stitch the sock to sculpt a face. It's a bit tricky and there definitely is some trial and error involved to get the shape of the face you want. Here are images I used to help me. 

 Here is s step by step photo tutorial of sculpting a face out of a sock.
After the face is sculpted you hand stitch some stretchy skin tone fabric over top. You can use opaque panty-hose if you can find them, but I used some t-shirt type fabric cut by the meter/yard. 1/2 a meter is more then u will need for the entire doll with plenty left over.

Here is the pattern I used for the body. The fabric is the same stretchy skin fabric which covers the face. The foot is a bit tricky to do. Sorry I do not have more instructions for you.

The shoes are hand stitched and made of felt. 

Here is the diaper pattern. You may have to modify it a touch. I found it too wide in the middle area.
For the dress I used the free pattern for 0-3 month olds, (I still found it a too be a bit too big and had to size the middle section a bit smaller to fit) here is a link to the pattern.  Little-Geranium by Rae.

Here is another doll i made with the same pattern except with hair and a different head. It is a 'Super Girl Baby' for my little niece.
Here is the template for the Superman symbol made of felt.