Saturday, May 31, 2014

DIY Hello Kitty Mascot Head

I made this head using the guide from Instructables: 'How to Create an Affordable Mascot Head' by user 'edgukated'. Although I made my head bigger the the guide indicated.

Notes about this project:

  • cut styrofoam is very static-y and sticks to EVERYTHING and clogs vacuums.
  • styrofoam is a lot heavier then it looks when it's on your head
  • if putting in a hard hat into the mascot head, I recommend one with a chin strap, because it's hard to move and emote without one (kinda clunks around)
  • seeing and breathing through a tiny hole in the front of your head is super hard to do. would not recommend this head style for a halloween party or dim lighting
  • make sure you have room to store the head.. cause it takes up a lot of space when finished!
  • everyone love hello kitty.. so be prepaired to make lots of friends! I even got a marriage proposal :)