Saturday, January 2, 2016

2 Printable Spell Books

By popular demand I have finally made my free doll-size 'Book of Shadows' spell book available for sale as a full-size spell book.
Since I was on a role I have also re-created the "'Charmed' Book of Shadows" from the hit tv series 'Charmed'. I had created this spell book ages ago from a painstaking laborious process of collecting fan art spell pages and organizing and reformatting them into a 288 pages book. Now easily a one-click print out. I love this book and though maybe someone else might be wanting a copy. Available for sale here... Charmed Book of Shadows.

Below is a utube video of a fan made Charmed BOS. It is the same as this book as mine but the page order is different... possibly some different pages. These books are fan made, so each book might include extra pages not in the show. Unfortunately there is no 'official' layout or list of spells and pages to my knowledge.