Friday, May 10, 2013

Sculpting with Polymer Clay

"kitteh wantz cheezeburger"
COME ON! How can you not think this is so cute! I'm going to die from cuteness overload!
And it is a tutorial on sculpting with polymer clay from Instructables member Tomdf. Too perfect! I have been sculpting with polymer clay, FIMO brand since the 1980ies. I was just a kid then and my mother gave me the bits left over from her attempt at a belt buckle. The early stuff was nasty and crumbly and it completely fell apart and had to be kneaded for hours to be soft enough to work with. Now FIMO and Sculptey brand is super smooth and easy to work with, pretty strong too. Every once in a while I have to explain what this stuff is to people and sometimes I get some disapproving looks from people about my creations. "oh it's fimo, well that is kids stuff." Ouch. Ok, maybe it's not ceramics fired in a kiln, but you can make some pretty amazing jewelry and art with this stuff. Even some "I can't believe it's not gemstone." jewelry  ;) And of course it is the best for making dolls and custom head sculpts for action figures, and miniatures for doll houses.