Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Little Pony:Yarn Hair Mod

I bought this really cute "My Little Pony" plush the other day. It's super cute, but it's mane was looking really awful.  I mean this is 'Rainbow Dash', since when do rainbows come in orange, yellow, blue and purple. Gee, I think we are missing some colors here! So of course I went to work making a new mane out of yarn. It was really easy to do and I unraveled the yarn and styled it with some water to get that spiked look. I think hair gel would give it even better style hold, but it really wasn't needed. I just let it sit overnight and it worked pretty well. Here is a before and after shot.

The acrylic yarn works really nicely when pulled apart. If you pull it too hard it will all come apart.  So don't pull and tug it or brush it hard. ;)
Note: I pulled this listing down because another pattern maker made a great pattern with many hair options, so I may release this a free pattern in the future. We see if i get around to it.