Tuesday, February 5

Blythe, CCE Doll

CCE stands for 'color changing eyes'. This is a fake Blythe doll bought from ebay (from a seller in Thailand). This is great option for wanting a Blythe doll but not wanting to buy an expensive "New Blythe". These doll's bodies often have flaws in the vinyl such as cuts. One of the great things about them is they come with extra scalps that just pop off and can be changed like a wig and they fit many Barbie shoes, and all Bratz clothing.Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
Sometimes eyechips are not the same size or depth as Blythe.
Photobucket Photobucket
CCE Body compared to Bratz Body. The neckpeg  can be used to make any doll body compatible with the CCE doll’s head.
After sanding she looks quite nice.The CCE doll head matches fleshtone Obitsu body nicely