Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cute Simple Plush Faces

Here are a collection of face designs for various plush toys. You will notice there is quite a trend towards minimalism. These face designs are heavily influenced by 'kawaii' japanese culture such as hello kitty and 'chibi' character designs.


1. Les Fleurs
2. PinkNounou
3. Retro Mama
4. Wee Wonderfuls
5. Bit of Whimsy
6. The Black Apple
7. Espacio Crochet

Row B
1. Vareyko
2. Nooshka
3. Evangelione
4. Evangelione
5. A Little Sprout
6. Suzanne Woolcott

Row C

1. The Black Apple
2. Source Unknown
3. Kitty Vane
4. from a japanese craft book
5. Atelier Cherry
6. Stuffed Silly
7. All About Ami
8. Manomine