Monday, September 17, 2012

Halloween Paper Mache Sculptures

These little paper mache figures I made are inspired from the guide by Lori Michell (LaDeeDah Folk Art). I also love the vintage faces on the figures by Johanna Parker Designs. I'm close to completing the figures now, they still need some little fashions and accessories added. For the form I used Styrofoam eggs and balls I collected from dollar stores during the Easter season and wired them with legs and arms. I covered everything in paper clay. I used 'La Doll Clay' but it was so fragile once dry that I was forced to paper mache over it with torn strips of white paper and glue. Next time I will use  'Creative Paper Clay' which I have had the best experience with. The bases are some pieces of wood I salvaged. If I was to be making some more I would go into the woods and cut a 2" branch into slices. The vampire's umbrella is a 'babyshower' umbrella favor. I found these umbrellas in a mutipack in the party section of a local dollar store. The paint is just regular acrylic craft paint.