Saturday, August 18, 2012

Free Papercraft: Blythe Christmas Ornaments

Via Juan Jacobo (Dr. Blythenstein) & Flickr

1.Print on a photo paper, then cut the angels following the dotted line.

1.-Paper lace placemats that are usually sold in cake-bakery supplies stores. You can ask your local bakery where can you find them. There are many sizes and different models, it all depends on what you can get. I finally used one that is aproximately 20 cms. diameter.
2.-Ribbons to decorate the girls. You can use different sizes, for example bigger for the head decoration and smaller for the neck ribbon.
3.-Final accesories for decoration, pom-poms, beads, flower beads, bows, sparky stickers. (this ones proved to be very nice. I found them in a store that sells supplies for decorating nails)
4.-Gold string for hanging the girls on the back. (or regular string, any string would work fine, If you don´t want to be seen you can use invisible thread)
5.-Scoth tape (to paste the string on the back and the papper tray)
6.-Glue (to put the accesories like pom-pom´s)
7.-Permanent marker (If you want to write something on the girls´like a family member name for example)
9.-Pins (with large heads, preferably in white,If you don´t have in white you can paint them with acrylics)

Place the ribbons on the way you like.  Be creative and do what you really feel, have fun!