Monday, July 16, 2012

Handmade Lalaloopsy Rag Dolls

by Melissa Young
 By Niad Alvarado

By Nurse Chris from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (my hometown, yay!)
This dress is made from a large size lalaloopsy dress, hemmed short. It fits the littles too! :D

" Blue Water" by Brigitte Klotzek-Obringer

I found these two little cutties while surfing. They are made by Miss-Aine.

By Phaedra Barnes (shrunk in size... minis!)

"Blueberry Princess" by Sandra Price Tattoo Sandra

"Grape Squisheroo" by Cynthia Theroux - Cindrick's Babys

"Rainbow Mermaid" by Laura Carnley - Waldorf Doll Company

Show and tell! I just love everyone's homemade creations! Sew inspiring!
This is a great collection of images of rag dolls made by artisans and crafters from all over the world! We all seem to share a love for these colourful rag dolls and making things by hand :)
These dolls are based on a pattern I created after lalaloopsy dolls sold out in every store. I really wanted one so I had to improvise. I'm happy I did because I found out I love to make rag dolls. These handmade versions are so special because of the love that goes into every stitch. It's amazing how we all use the same pattern but each sewer still manages to add their own distinct character to their dolls. They are so charming and sweet!