Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Free Pattern: Crochet Lalaloopsy

lalaloopsy by heklk, on Flickr
I saw this really awesome crochet pattern for a little Lalaloopsy like doll while I was browsing Flickr and I wanted to share it with everyone. Sometimes things like this have a habit of disappearing and I wanted to make sure it was not lost. The original tutorial can be found here.

Cheek (work 2 in lighter pink)
Rnd 1: 6sc in magic ring
Rnd 2: inc around
Rnd 3 : (1sc, inc) around.
Fasten off.

Feet (make 2)
(For the color changes I found that the best results I get from fastening of and starting with new color. But you can work in rows and see this tutorial )
(Starting with pink)
Rnd 1: 7 chain
Rnd 2:  starting from a second chain from hook - 5sc, 3sc in one ch,  working on the other side of the chain - 5sc, inc
Rnd 3: inc, 4 sc, inc, sc, inc, 5 sc, inc, sc
Rnd 4: 5sc, 4dec, 6sc
Rnd 5: 3sc, 4dec, 4sc
Rnd 6: 4sc, dec, 5sc
Rnd 7- 11: sc around
(Change to white yarn)
Rnd 12-13: sc around
(Change to black yarn)
Rnd 14-15: sc around
(Change to white yarn)
Rnd 16-17: sc around
(Change to black yarn)
Rnd 18-19: sc around
(Change to white yarn)
Rnd 20-21: sc around
(Change to black yarn)
Rnd 22-23: sc around
(Change to white yarn)
Rnd 24-32: sc around

For first leg, join with sl st in first st. Fasten off.
For second leg, do not sl st in first st. Do not fasten off.

Body and head
With white
Rnd 1: Hold legs together. Be sure that both legs are facing right direction. Insert hook in the first leg, pull out the loop from second leg, sc in same st , sc in next stitch (do not count this two stiches, sc in next 9 sts on second leg (mark first st), sc in next 9 sts on first leg. (18)
Rnd 2: sc around
Rnd 3: (2 sc, inc) around
Rnd 4: (3 sc, inc) around
Rnd 5: (4 sc, inc) around
Rnd 6-10: sc around
(Change to pink)
Rnd 11: sc around
Rnd 12: back loops only – sc around
Rnd 13: sc around
(Change to white)
Rnd 14: 4sc, dec
Rnd 15-17: sc around
Rnd 18: 3sc, dec
Rnd 19-23:  sc around
Rnd 24: 2 sc, 2 dec
(Change to skin color)
Rnd 25: back loops only – sc around
Rnd 26: dec around
Stuff body and insert q-tip or something like pipe cleaner in the neck.
Rnd 27: inc around
Rnd 28: (sc, inc) around
Rnd 29: (2sc, inc) around
Rnd 30: (3sc, inc) around
Rnd 31: (4sc, inc) around
Rnd 32: sc around
Rnd 33: (5sc, inc) around
Rnd 34: sc around
Rnd 35: (6sc, inc) around
Rnd 36: sc around
Rnd 37: (7sc, inc) around
Rnd 38-43: sc around
This is where I sew cheeks on and embroidery the mouth.
(Change to pink)
Rnd 44: sc around
Rnd 45: (7sc, dec) around
Rnd 46: sc around
Rnd 47: (6sc, dec) around
Rnd 48: (5sc, dec) around
Rnd 49: sc around
Rnd 50: (4sc, dec) around
Rnd 51: (3sc, dec) around
Rnd 52: (2sc, dec) around
Stuff the head.
Rnd 53: (sc,dec) around
Rnd 54: dec around.
For finishing I’ve used this tutorial

Work in front loops of 12th round of body with head facing toward you. Join with sl st , ch 1, sc in same stitch.
Rnd 1: sc around
Rnd 2: (5sc, in) around
Rnd 3-9: sc around
Rnd 10: front loops only – (6sc, inc) around
Rnd 11: (7sc, inc) around
Rnd 11: (8sc, inc) around
Rnd 12: inc around. Fasten off.
Working in back loops of  10th round of the skirt
Join with sl st , ch 1, sc in same stitch.
Rnd 1-3: sc around
Rnd 4: (2sc, inc) around
Rnd 5: (3sc, inc) around
Rnd 6: (chain 3, sc in next stitch) around.
Fasten off.

Arms (make two)
With skin color
3 in magic ring
Rnd 1: inc around
Rnd 2: sc around
Rnd 3: 3sc, (thumb) chain 3, slip stitch in second chain from hook, slip stitch in next stitch, work sc in remaining 3 stitches.  
Rnd 4: (sc, dec) around
Rnd 5: inc around
Rnd 6-22: sc around
With white
Rnd 23: sc around
In front loops only
Rnd 24: 2sc, in next stitch work sc, hdc, hdc, (4 dc in next stitch) two times, in next stitch work hdc, hdc, sc, and finally work 2 sc.
Fasten off. Leave a long tail to sew arms to body.

Hair (pink)
I have worked chains from 15 to 40 stitches and than worked 3 hdc or 3 dc in one chain. Than I insert hook where I wanted the curl, pull the tail through and tie a square knot with both ends. Insert ends in the head.

Hair band and bow (black)
Chain about 20 stitches. It supposed to be long as the pink part of the head is from side to side. Work 5 rows.
Chain 24. Slip stitch to first chain and work 4 rounds. Do not fasten off. Bring the seam of  bow on the back, in the middle, than chain 6 and slip stitch it in the first chain. Sew the bow onto the band. Than sew the band onto the head to cover the beginning of the hair.

Sew the buttons on.

It’s finally finished! Congratulations!