Friday, January 6, 2012

Pattern: Lalaloopsy Inspired Rag Doll

For all those lil' darlings that need a snuggley soft bedtime friend that won't dent their lil' faces, I made up a special easy to sew rag doll pattern that is inspired by Lalaloopsy. I called her a Sweet Loli Dolly, (sweet lolita, sometimes called loli goth or sweet loli, is a type of fashion popular in Japan. I love this fashion and this doll looks very kawaii to me.

She fits all lalaloopsy clothing and shoes, which is convenient for buying new fashions if you're not really into sewing all the little outfits yourself. A great short cut if you are a lazy sewer like me. You can also customize her to be male. The doll is an easy project, but the hair takes a very long time if you do it out of yarn. I sell this doll pattern as a printable pdf file for you computer. It's available at my etsy shop.

*Note: I updating to a new doll pattern, Loli Dolly 2.0, because her head does not turn out round enough for my liking when using fabric that has no stretch.